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(workshop submitted  in European Convention of Art Therapy 2005)

   A metaphore of the relationship between therapist and client utilizing theatrical conversion and in particular the aspects dealing with costumes and creation of a role.

How the clothing we «wear» in our role influences the space between the therapist and the patient?The costumes of both patient and therapist are complimentary and exist as pieces of the same performance.In the duration of therapy comes a moment that we realize the therapist’s clothing,the particular stance and role inhibit the relationship with the client and doesn’t shatter the stereotype that leads to development.

   The costume of therapist becomes stiff and heavy.Perhaps the moment to change has come.These moments of transition  are difficult.We feel fragile and unprotected though they are the most creative periods of therapy.The exploration of another attitude,a new fresh dress more comfortable and transparent,perhaps colouring a view point and marking mutual transportation can interchange in the therapy.

   The therapist and client dress consist as components of a whole,a relationship,a performance where every change reflects and goes throught the other. Transforming the relationship can excite a chain reaction and interchange.The performance developes,the stage changes,lighting exposes fresh view points,old clothes refresh themselves affecting the whole scene.

   The theme of timing in therapy is the central focus of this workshop.Can we change our costume at the precise moment in order to synchronize with the client,to stand by his side and continue progress?